The Polderhuisje

The Polderhuisje (Polder Cottage) is an attractive country cottage built in the traditional Dutch style of days gone by, which accommodates up to six guests and is equipped with all modern conveniences. This inviting cottage is set in the green meadows and is surrounded by our dairy cows and by wildlife. Inside, the cottage has a modern open-plan kitchen and a lounge with an air conditioning, a fireplace and a flatscreen television. The parking space is right outside the cottage.

At the end of the day you can lay your head to rest in a traditional-style box bed with a view of the farm. Or perhaps you prefer the bedroom with bunk beds or the bedroom with twin beds.

All facilities are at ground-floor level.

The large terrace provides a clear view of thevillageofWoubrugge, only a few miles down the country lanes. Just sit back and admire the view...

As we like to say:
Relax, recharge and recreate is all you will need to do on our farm!


Prices 2023


Bicycle hire 
per day
EUR 7,50EUR 7,50
4-person Canadian canoe hire per dayApril - SeptemberEUR 20

Motor boat hire
per day

April - SeptemberEUR 140

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