Have a great time on the farm

This site is a nice tool for telling you about life on our dairy farm. There’s always so much going on, however, that you’d better come and see for yourself! To give you an impression in the meantime, we’re giving you a brief description of our day-to-day and seasonal activities.

Discover our cottages

Every day we spend much time looking after our cows, young and old. They are milked and cared for twice a day. This means they need to be fed before they are milked. In early spring, the manure is spread on the meadows for the grass to grow tall, after which it is mowed in May. After drying for a couple of days, the grass is collected from the meadows and stored as silage. This silage is not used until the cows are taken into the cowsheds in the autumn. We won’t bother you with the complicated details about the well-balanced feed of dairy cows but basically they need to produce a lot of milk at a low cost price. That’s why we really need to pamper our cows! After all, everything has to be right for our cows to grow strong and be healthy!

And don’t forget the 70 calves which are born on our farm throughout the year. It’s absolutely worth seeing and we’ll definitely let you know when a calf is about to be born. And of course, there’s the lambing season as well. This is a great time, because it means spring has arrived!

Our oldest son Jeroen is a great help on the farm. He really enjoys the work and has a good idea of what the priorities are. So we hope he’ll be the next generation in our family business.

We’d be happy to welcome you as our holiday guest but most certainly also on our dairy farm. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the most beautiful animals in the world: cows! We’re sure you’ll have a great time getting a true feel of what farm life is all about.

You’re most welcome, also in the cowshed!